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About Me

Having worked in the retirement plan arena for over 40 years, she is fluent in plan design, plan implementation and ongoing plan communication and consulting with both business owners and individual employees. As owner of Retirement Serves Providers, Inc., she is able to offer in-house TPA services which include all phases of Plan Administration. Her company has strived to make plans affordable for every size group and she will work diligently with you to develop a plan that suites your company's needs and budget.

She began her career with Mass Mutual for 13 years in a combination of sales and administrative duties. she was then recruited by MONY and worked with them in developing sales in the pension plan market. From there she worked with Guardian, National Life of Vermont and John Hancock in the same capacity. She purchased Retirement Services, Inc. and began providing in house administration to the plans she implemented. Ms. Kaes has spoken nationally on the subjest of retirement plans and design. She is now with an independent Broer/Dealer, Peak Brokerage Services, and has joined the Financial Guys in Buffalo, NY to assist their sales staff with marketing and sales of all types of retirement plans and offer inhouse administration of those plans.

Retirement Services Providers, Inc. is an independent organization which was fored in 1963. In 1980, it was purchased by Ms. Kaes. Charmaine entered the pension business in 1971 and has been active in this complex and ever-changing industry since that time. Along with other trained professionals of the firm, RSP offers the experience and knowledge essential to designing, implementing and servicing your retirement plan to ensure its ultimate objective - achieving your goals. RSP works to become promoting the objectives of your company and providing the finest retirement package available at affordable costs.