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Our Process

Step 1- The Retirement Plan Review
Our team provides you with an evaluation of your retirement plan objectives and concerns and an analysis of other plan solutions. We'll also discuss and review funding strategies.

Step 2- The Technical Review
Utilizing our in house expertise [over 100 years] and our other business relationships with ERISA attorneys, Actuaries and Recordkeeper/Administration firms, we can provide a technical plan review and analysis, document design, plan installation, SPD's, Audit assistance, plan termination and ongoing consulting.

Step 3- The Retirement Plan Analyzer
We conduct a feasibility study to help maximize the tax benefits of your retirement program for both you and your employees.

Step 4- The Fiduciary Fitness Test
Meeting your fiduciary responsibilities can be a complex process. We help contorl risk by developing a formal investment policy statement and establishing clear criteria for selecting and monitoring investments managers.

Step 5- The Vendor Comparison
We're on your team. We'll sit on your side of the negotiating table to walk you through the RFP process, manage the flow of information, analyze and review proposals, and guide you in making an informed and knowledgeable decision.

Step 6- The Investment Review
We offer unbiased information for investment selection and ongoing evaluation of the chosen investment options. Quality investment performance reports on a Quarterly or Semi- annual basis to help you understand how the funds are performing relative to their indices and other same type funds.

Step 7- The Communication Experience
We manage every step of the transition from your current retirement program to your new program. We enroll your employees and educate them on the benefits of their new program and how to use the website for many of their needs. We'll ensure their satisfaction through quarterly, semi-annual and annual meetings including ongoing education and financial planning seminars in group or individual settings.

Step 8- The Retireent Plan Monitor
We'll manage your retirement program over its lifetime, advising you on regulatory changes, program enhancements, communications to employees and investment due diligence on a quarterly or semi-annual basis.